This Week

IMG_4497 2

I’m still going strong on making dinner with eMeals! I don’t always follow the recipe exactly, but have started substituting when it makes sense. The other night, I used some leftover pork tenderloin and tomato sauce and added some sweet potato, onion, kale and chicken broth to make a soup perfect for a cold night!IMG_4499 2 Every morning, while I wait for my Keurig to make coffee, I add a word. Here’s the completed board!IMG_4504 2 On Wednesday, it was sunny for the first time in DAYS, so I took Halle for a walk downtown to see the ducks.

IMG_4505 2 Our town is just too cute for words some times. IMG_4506 2 Wednesday night, I lit a candle and it caught the tablecloth on fire! Thankfully, several glasses of water were nearby and I was able to put it out, but it definitely got my heart racing. Thankfully, the Nativity somehow made it unscathed. (This was the second time I’d almost burnt down the house, as I’d left a pot simmering on the stove all night with cinnamon and oranges in it.) I’m staying away from fire for a bit.

IMG_4515 2Even Baby Jesus seemed a bit freaked out by his brush with death. IMG_4508 2 Our guest room is ready for any holiday guests! Yes, that wonky curtain is taped to the wall, but it gets the job done for now. IMG_4513 2I took the time this morning to finish organizing our some of our books in the living room. This is just a fraction of what we own, but I’ll put the rest in the office. Our house is starting to really feel like home.

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