“What should we watch tonight?” Bear asked.

“There’s a documentary on minimalism I’ve wanted to watch,” I said.

“Want to watch it in our room?”

“No. There’s a big pile of stuff in front of the TV.”

And that, friends, is how we knew we might have a problem.

We are really fortunate. Among the many Americans living with debt, we don’t have any. And yet, we have other things dragging our family down. I could blame it on having a baby in the last year, but really, I have always been an accumulator of stuff. Stuff which has become overwhelming. That stuff takes time to manage, which I’d rather spend on other things, and it drive my “could camp in the woods for months with nothing but a toothbrush and tent” husband absolutely crazy.

So, we watched “Minimalism“. Afterwards, I turned to Bear and said, “I think we’re on a journey towards minimalism.” He played it cool, but I know him well enough that he was screaming for joy. And as a result, I’ve been listening to “The Minimalists” and “The Purposeful Home“podcast.

Over the next few days, I’ll share how we’re already working towards the goal of accumulating less stuff and minimizing what we already have. Stay tuned…

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